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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Trust God When everything fails

Trusting god is the most important essence of life. If that trust is strong we can battle through all  hardships of life. That is what keeps me going when things go wrong and I have no idea how to sort it out, I get up in the night and pray, I simply speak to god tell him I cant handle this situation i need him to take control, I pray and hand over my problems to god, then I try not to dwell on it and believe me god has never failed to help me all this while

Friday, 10 June 2016

God Never Changes

I love my God he is my unchanging god, when everything changes, people, friends, family they all change they are never the same, today they are good to us, tomorrow we cannot depend on them, they seem different, sometimes we drift apart so much that we do not even talk to each other, there is so much fights and bitterness, in families between friends,but God remains the same, he never changes. His love for us is there even when everyone deserts us. 
Knowing God Personally

I think everyone of us cry out to God when we are in trouble, people call out to different gods but the fact is everyone us is connected to God, the reason being very simple that is why we are created to have that fellowship with God, the urge to seek god is deep within, We need that personal relation with god just as we talk to our friends or our parents he is so close to us, we need to speak to him walk with him.
Have that very close walk with him, he will see us through every obstacle in our life

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Start the day with a word of prayer

Its really important to start the day with a word of prayer, our first communication of the day starts with GOD, let it even just be a simple conversation asking god to help us through the day, but we need to kneel down at his presence and seek his will and his blessings.
The Bible says his grace is new every morning, we need that special grace to help us through the day